By transcribing and indexing Schönberg’s calendars from 1942, which can now be viewed in the image archive, we continue the insight into Schönberg's daily and weekly routines. Since 1936 the composer lived in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Schönberg taught at the University of California at Los Angeles from the fall of 1936. In addition, he continuously had students for private lessons. In his calendars he noted addresses, dates and also the receipt of the fee. Sometimes they are the only source to establish a connection between Schönberg and the person named. While every trace has been lost to Vera Laserson, Ruth Pallock seems to have been active later as an author of children's books and worked for the radio. Both names can also be found in a notebook by Schönberg on orchestration. The fact that he was intensively engaged with the subject at the time was possibly reflected in his teaching for Walter Sheets (1911-2001). When the 25-year-old began to study with Schönberg, he probably already had a musical education. A few years later he started his career at the Hollywood studios, where he hardly ever made his mark as a composer, but rather orchestrated numerous film scores – including animated cartoon successes such as "The Jungle Book" and "The Aristocats".