Ensemble SevenCircles © Florice Fortin
Ensemble SevenCircles, Wasmer, Skabeikaitė
Arnold Schönberg Center
Tuesday, 25 January 2022
7.30 pm
Ensemble SevenCircles © Florice Fortin

Ensemble SevenCircles
   Alexandra Škrilec flute
   Johannes Feuchter clarinet
   Alexandra Radoulova piano
   Nicolás Sánchez violin
   Lucía Pérez Diego violoncello
Céline Wasmer Sprechgesang
Raimonda Skabeikaitė conductor
Nick Acorne
live electronics
Alisa Kobzar sound direction

Arnold SCHÖNBERG Pierrot lunaire op. 21
Sehyung KIM re:lunaire

Tickets € 14 | Free admission for persons under 26 years
Registration required

The instrumentation of Schönberg’s “Pierrot lunaire” became the model of formative compositions of the 20th century. In most cases, the chamber music idea and the richness of color of the instrumentation was transferred to a newly formed ensemble. Sehyung Kim made it his task to creatively explore the possibilities of the original instrumentation. Alexander Micheuz wrote a text for this compositional project, which, based on the form of Albert Giraud’s “Pierrot” poems, creates a completely different lyrical world.

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